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My name is Karl Orejola. I go by my middle name, Earvin, instead. I intend to graduate May 2018. I plan to recieve a dual-degree in Paper Science Engineering and Chemical Engineering. I like engineering because it is practical and innovative and exciting. Also because it gives me a chance to utilize and math and science skills

My favorite hobby is to play some sort of game. I like to play sports like lacrosse and soccer. I also like to play video games such as FIFA and NBA 2k. In addition, I like to play card games. Some of my favorite card games include ERS or Texas Hold 'Em.

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  1. Add a slice of bread
  2. Add ham and turkey
  3. Add cheese and lettuce
  4. Finish off with a second slice of bread
My Class Expected Grade
E115 S
CH101 B-
MA141 B-