Hi! I'm Kendall Wiggins. I'm a freshman in Biomedical Engineering. I chose this major because science and math have always been two academic strengths of mine and because I have interests in medicine. However, I never wanted to be a doctor or nurse...but becoming a Biomedical Engineer is a another route through which to positively impact public health. I can't wait to start taking classes in Biomedical Engineering next year!

One of my favorite hobbies is photography. While I will photograph anything, nature is my favorite subject. When you sit outside for a while, it's not only peaceful, but fascinating, too! Macro (close-up) photography is fun, too. There's another world waiting to be discovered...and almost everything looks cooler close up (or at least I think so).

My resume

How to Make My Favorite Sandwich: A grilled cheese

  1. Get two pieces of bread.
  2. Butter one side of each piece of bread.
  3. Get a pan and put in on the burner.
  4. Turn the burner onto medium heat.
  5. While the burner heats, get a piece of cheese (my favorite is provolone!)
  6. Put the piece of cheese in between the two pieces of buttered break. Make sure the butter side faces out.
  7. Put the sandwich, butter side down, in the pan.
  8. Let the sandwich cook for about thirty seconds.
  9. Flip the sandwich to the other side with a spatula.
  10. Let this side cook for about thirty seconds.
  11. Take the grilled cheese out of the pan with a spatula and put it on a plate.
  12. Turn the burner off.
  13. Let the grilled cheese cool and enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
Organic Chemistry I (CH221) A
Organic Chemistry I Lab (CH222) A+
Physics II (PY208) B
Physics II Lab (PY209) A+
The Creative Process in Science (HON310) A+
Calculus III (MA242) A+
Intro to Computing Environments (E115) S

A photograph I took that was a finalist in the Nikon High School Photography Contest.