Welcome to the second edition to my webpage!

My name is Kevin Harrow. I am a Freshman in the college of Textiles. My major is Textile engineering with a concentration in product development. I choose this major for the broad scope it encompasses as well as the 97% job placement. If I was not a textile engineer, I would probably choose Material Science Engineering. All things considered, I do not think I will switch out of textiles.

My favorite animal is a cat. This is because they are completely self sustainable animals. They can get food on their own and often require very little upkeep. The best part about them is they clean themselves and do not smell bad like dogs do. Along with this independence, cats can be very friendly as well. They will sit on your lap and play with you if you treat them right! plus kittens are adorable, there's a reason they are all over the internet.

German to English Google Translator
  1. Choose a pizza company
  2. Find there menu online using Google
  3. Decide what you would like on your pizza
  4. Decide what size pizza you want (always the biggest size)
  5. Locate the phone number on the company's website
  6. Call the company and order the pizza
Class Grade
E115 S
Bowling S
Scholars Forum S
Intro to Textile A+
Intro to Textile Engineering A
English 101 A
Macroeconomics A+
German 101 A