My name is Kenny and I am a physics major. I am currently a sophomore. I chose this major because I am interested in how and why things work the way they do. I have not decided what specific field of physics I'd like to go into, but I am very interested in acoustics. I hope to start doing undergraduate research soon.

My favorite hobby is music production. I mainly produce a genre called Hardstyle, which is popular in the Netherlands. I have been producing music for about 8 years now and am still going strong. Music and physics go hand in hand, so I am able to apply my knowledge from both fields to each other. My favorite part of music production is there's almost infinite ways to do anything, which keeps things fresh and new.

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Here is a paper I wrote. Here is a link.

  1. Get some bread.
  2. Apply peanut butter.
  3. Apply jelly.
  4. Enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
Physics 2 B
Calc 3 B
E115 P
Vintage Synthesizer