Welcome to My World

You may be wondering why this page is titled "it's all about me, me, me"? Well the truth of the matter is because this webpage is literally all about me! Hi my name is Kayla and I currently attending NC State in pursuit of a Civil Engineering degree. I am completing my second semester here a State and yes that does mean that I am a Freshman! Ever since I decided to pursue a career as a Civil Engineer, I have heard an array of comments the top two being "oh that makes a lot of money" and "oh but you're a female". My response to these comments are yes a Civil Engineer does make a sizeable salary and to the second very obvious comment I'd like to say yep, I am, thanks for noticing. I decided to become a Civil Engineer for the simple fact that I find structures in general very interesting. I want to be able to walk down the side-walk of a city and proudly say, I help design and build that!

Although my life is consumed by classes and homework, I do still have a few things I enjoy doing in my free time. Even before I could carry a tune, I have always enjoyed singing and music in general. Another hobby of mine is poetry both listening/reading it and writing/performing my own works; there is nothing better than being moved by the simple elegance of language itself. In addition to poetry and singing, I also enjoy fishing because its exciting, relaxing and it makes for a great story to share over the dinner table that may have your catch of the day from the lake or from the supermarket! My final hobby is reading, it has always been a joy of mine to get lost in an artificial world that is only contained within your imagination and the binding of the book you are reading.

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To show that I am serious about my career as a Civil Engineer, I have my resume ready to go my_resume.

  1. Go to subway
  2. order a chicken bacon ranch sub on Italian bread with yellow american cheese
  3. have the sandwich toasted
  4. add all the toppings: black olives, banana peppers, spinach, tomatoes, light ranch dressing, and mayo
  5. eat and enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
ENG 289 A+
PY 206 A+
COM 110 A