Learning more about Katie Haney and her life

My name is Katie Haney and I am currently a transfer student as a standing sophomore. My intended major is Civil Engineering and I would like to pursue in specializing in geotechnical. I am interested in the civil engineering field and geotechnical aspect, because I like to learn about the behavior of soils and how it comes into importance when building structures and roads.

I currently work at Terracon Consultants in Raleigh, North Carolina. My position is an environmental technician in the environmental department completing Environmental Site Assessments and Limited Site Investigations. My ultimate career goal is to become a professional engineer and work in the geotechnical department.

pic of katie haney

Interesting classes at NC State I will enroll in

  1. CE214
  2. TDE220
  3. CE313
  4. CE373

Clubs I would like to be involved in

Name of club Webpage of club
Theme Park Club at NCSU Theme Park Club
Adventure Club at NCSU Adventure Club