Welcome to Kinsey's Homework 6

My name is Kinsey Lee. I am a freshman. I am currently in First Year College but I am hoping to CODA into the College of Sciences. I would like to major in Statistics because I really enjoy math and looking at data sets. Hopefully I will be able to CODA over the summer.

My favorite hobby is playing inline hockey. I play on a recreational team and a travel team. I was invited to play on the travel team in 8th grade and have played on it ever since then. We have been invited to multiple tournaments, including two national championships. In one of the national championships, we won the gold and were awarded trophies and medals. I am the goalie for my team, the Sandhills Predators. Since I have come to NC State, I have not gotten to play much but hopefully my team can get back together over the summer.

Youtube Logo Favorite Essay
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
ST101 A
USC102 A+
My Travel Team