Welcome to the Life of Ketan Gohel!

My name is Ketan Gohel. I am a rising sophomore at North Carolina State University. I am currently majoring in Biomedical Engineering. It has always been a passion of mine to work with medical equipment and technology. In the past, I have taken a number of classes related to the medical field, such as Biomedical Technology and Medical Science.

In my free time, I enjoy exercising at the gym or playing basketball. Basketball has been my favorite sport ever since I first played it in Kindergarten. I also enjoying running for long distances due to my cross country running background. I love sports and keeping up with them through ESPN (click the ESPN logo below to visit their website). When I have the opportunity to do so, I like to give back to the community. I have volunteered at various events and occasions and had a blast at each of them.


I love dogs, but unfortunately, I have never had a dog of my own, but I certainly like dogs more than cats. Dogs are more playful when you want them to be and more relaxed when you want them to be. Cats tend to have an erratic behavior, so I would not want to be around them. They seem to be more unpredictable, but that may just be my opinion. Dogs don't claw people or scratch them as cats would. Instead, they would lick people and be friendlier. No other pets can top man's best friend.

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Here are the steps to making MY ideal sandwich:
  1. Open up two slices of bread. On the bottom slice, spread spicy mustard. On the other, spread chipotle mayo.
  2. On the spicy mustard/bottom slice, place X amount of cajun turkey, followed by X amount of pepperoni, followed by X amount of cajun chicken slices.
  3. On the chipotle mayo/top slice, place 2 slices of American cheese and 2 slices of Pepper jack cheese.
  4. On top of the meats from step 2, place X amount of lettuce and X amount of pickles (and any other vegetables) and close the sandwich together. You're all done!

Course Name Expected Grades
Organic Chemistry I B
Organic Chemistry I Lab A
E 115 P