A little information about me

Hello, My name is Koby Brown and I am a freshman at NC State University. I intend to major in Nuclear Engineering or Computer Science. I am thinking about Nuclear Engineering for two reason; nuclear engineering seemed like an interesting field and it is a lucrative major. I'm also considering Computer Science because I really enjoy programming and I seem to comprehend it faster than most things.

My dream job or the job I am pursuing for the moment is to become a software architect at IBM. Even though I have not chosen a major, I believe that computer science fits me more. Also, software architects are one of the more lucrative jobs within the computer science field. IBM is a really competitive company to get hired at so I think I have my work cut out for me but I believe I can do it.

The Four most Interesting Classes I am Taking or Want to Take

  1. Building Game AI
  2. Introduction to Nuclear Engineering
  3. Software Engineering
  4. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Name of club/organization Link to Club Site
American Nuclear Society ANS at NC State
Boxing Club Boxing Club at NC State