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Hello! My name is Ksenia Sedova. I am a freshman and a proud member of the Class of 2013 here at North Carolina State University majoring in Computer Engineering and International Studies in Global Economy and Environment. To say a little about me, I am an environmentalist, and as a career, I want to design green cars. I think that although many advancements in fuel efficiency and application of alternative fuels have been made, there is a lot more work to be done. I am also a Benjamin Franklin Scholar and a big fan of the humanities - arts, literature, history, languages - as well as the mathematics and sciences, which I hope explains my major choices. One thing I know for sure is that between all the engineering courses and all the humanities courses I will have to take and all the other things I want to do in college, the next five years (or so) are going to be very interesting.

What's to be said of fall? As I sit here beside the lake, watching the wind make ripples in the water and gently, yet determinedly ruffling my hair, I am waiting for life to thrum at a higher pitch. I am waiting to let go of the hypocrisy of human nature imbalanced mixture of ambiguous feelings. The feeling comes unusually slow hard to let go of everything, hard to concentrate. In Buddhism, there exists a belief in the oneness of all. Discovered by stripping away all sensations, desires, concepts, and intellect, the feeling of utmost awareness and calmness overtakes the subject. The feeling is of ultimate relaxation and satisfaction to the being. Upon mastery of this satisfaction, one no longer needs to rely on others for support, affection, trust, or else. I need my peace, Nature's peace, for without it, I am nothing; people cannot be trusted. Nature will fulfill. I can feel the rough sharp edges of pinecones and needles at my feet not too rough, not too smooth, perfect, made just for me. It is enough that I am surrounded with beauty." My back rests gracefully on a side of a tree created perfectly just for me. The sunshine and the gentle swaying of the trees approve of my comfort. Its peaceful, nice. Yes, I am nothing, and only the occasional roar of motors in the distance tries to prove otherwise. Needless to say, it fails. What's to be said of fall? Peaceful. Fresh. Nonchalant. Autumn.

Tree in the Sunrise


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  1. North Carolina State Wolfpack
  2. Duke University Blue Devils
  3. Furman University Paladines
  4. Applachian State University Yosefs
  5. Wake Forest University Demon Deacons

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