Kiera Bryant. Criminology 2018. My current major is Engineering with the intention of studying Computer Science. So far within my second semester I have decided that I may change my major to Criminology. I chose CS because I wanted to learn to be a hacker to potentially work for the FBI and stop terrorist and other criminals. For the most part I found out that CS isn't really for me and therefore I looked into Criminology because I already intended to minor in Forensic science and thought that Criminology would be more hands on and interesting than sitting behind a computer to stop criminals. Later on I do plan to pursue CS just to learn the hacking credentials, but use them for good as well.

Favorite hobby at the moment is Basketball. I've been playing since I was two years old, so I guess you can say it is more than a hobby. My favorite aspect of basketball is the relief it gives you when you are stressed and the impact it has on many people. I'm very competitive so I always want to win, but just playing the game is also fun and keeps you in shape. Without basketball I would probably be stuck listening to music or glued to the computer watching Netflix with food in hand. Basically basketball keeps me healthy and gives me something to do when I'm bored at home.

IG Picture NC State Resume!
  1. Go to Subway
  2. Order a 6'' cold-cut w/ Italian bread
  3. Add lettuce, tomatoes, and American cheese
  4. Add pickles, mayo, mustard, & ranch as well
  5. Then top it off with oil & vinegar
Course Name Expected Grade
ARE 201 A-
MA 141 B
SOC 202 B-
E 115 S
MEA 101 B