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My name is Kathleen Chappell. I am a First Year Engineering student; I am still unsure which engineering major I will pursue. The major I am most interested in as of now is Industrial Engineering because I want to be a project manager for a nonprofit engineering company. Electrical Engineering is also on my radar because I thoroughly enjoyed that class in high school.

While in high school, I worked at Kumon Math and Reading Center. I was responsible for helping children ages three through fifteen with English and math. Working with children was very rewarding as I saw how excited they became when they learned a new skill. The satisfaction of teaching a new generation makes me want to be a high school engineering teacher at some point in my life!

A Photograph of Me

  1. E115 Introduction to Computing Environments
  2. WGS 200 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
  3. ISE 361 Deterministic Models in Industrial Engineering
  4. MA 432 Mathematical Models in Life and Social Sciences
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Engineers Without Borders EWB Website
Society of Women Engineers SWE Website