More About Kyle!

Hello, my name is Kyle Christ. I am a Freshman at NC State University and am currently in Exploratory Studies but intend to major in Electrical Engineering. I chose Electrical Engineering for a a variety of reasons, perhaps the most influential is that my mother is an Electrical Engineer from Penn State with a concentration in power. She used to tell me her stories from work when I was younger, and I always found them fascinating. Another reason that I want to learn more about electrical engineering is because it is such an abstract concept to me, the human eye cannot detect electric waves or identify the amount of current passing through a wire. This makes the content a little more difficult to understand at times, but so much more interesting when understood. I also enjoy learning about electricity because it is such a powerful and dangerous power source that is used everyday.

My favorite hobby, an easy decision, is running. I compete at the D1 level for NC State University as a distance runner. My favorite events are the 3K and 5K. In fact, I just ran a 3K on Friday, March 18th, and placed 2nd in the event with a time of 8:35. This was at the Carolina Relays against schools such as UNC, Elon, Duke and UNC Pembroke. I began running at an early age but did not seriously train until my Sophomore year of high school. Running has worked so well for me because my personality is extremely competitive and my body build is excellent for a distance runner.

My 3200m PR in Las Angeles My Resume

Favorite way to Order Pizza

  1. Call Papa John's and order Pizza
  2. Walk over to Papa John's and pick up the Pizza
  3. Pay for the Pizza and say Thank You
  4. Walk back to Dorm and enjoy eating the fresh Pizza
  5. Optional: Share with friends/ roommate if there

Class Name Expected Grade
Physics I B+
Calculus II B+
Public Speaking A
Paper and Society A+
E115 S
Introduction to University Education for Varsity Athletes A