Welcome to Kelly's Webpage

I am Kelly Craig. I am a junior in Animal Science. I am interested in switching into Environmental Engineering. I chose this major because I am interested in fixing environmental problems. I would like to work on green energy alternatives. I am also interested in water quality.

My favorite break from school is summer break. It is nice outside during the summer. I have time to do internships. Winter break would be my favorite but it is too cold. I like going to the beach during summer break.

I do not like March Madness. I get spam emails about March Madness. I did get a pizza coupon, which was nice. So March Madness was cool in that respect. I do not watch sports.

My favorite sites

Favorite site

How to make the best sandwich ever!

  1. Get whole wheet bread
  2. Put in as much meat as possible
  3. Put in provolone cheese
  4. Put in sour cream and onion chips

Semester Grades

Class Grade
E115 Pass
Calculus II B
Environmental Politics A