Why, hello there!

My name is Kevin Elliott and I am a freshman here at NC State. I am currently a First Year Engineer but I am hoping to get into the Mechanical and Aerospace engineering department for Aerospace Engineering. I chose engineering because I have always enjoyed building and designing objects. I chose Aerospace because I have been interested in airplanes and flight my entire life.

My favorite animal is the bald eagle. I am an Eagle Scout so I would like to think the eagle is a part of my life. I also appreciate what it symbolizes. It is the symbol and the icon of the United States and I like that. Also, in the American Indian culture, it is the spiritual messenger and I have an appreciation for the American Indian culture.

Fantasy Premier League
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How to Order a Pizza

  1. Call the pizza company
  2. Tell the worker what you want
  3. Give the worker you address
  4. Wait for the delivery man
  5. Pay the delivery man
  6. Tip the delivery man
  7. Enjoy your pizza!

Class Grade
Calculus 2 A
Physics B
Matlab B
E115 S

Bald Eagle