Welcome to Kenton Kabrick's Second Ever Self-Made Web Page!

Here we are again, eh? My name, as stated above, is Kenton Kabrick, Freshman in Aerospace engineering. I was taught at a young why engineering is the best of the fields to work in, as we have the most fun, and we get to design and build the future. My father was an aerospace engineer major, and he worked in the air force for about 21 years, and he now works as a contractor. Thus, my interests were heavily influenced by what he did and does today, and being an engineer definately intrigues me.

My favorite break from school would have to be summer break, because it is the longest of the breaks, and the weather is nice. There are times when it becomes unbearably hot, but those days can be overlooked by the days that are breezy and nice. Also, there's always the fact that I got entire days that I could devote to hanging out with friends. Having the pool open and being able to go swimming is a big plus, too.

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Class Expected Grade
Chemistry B+
Calculus B
Archery A