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Hi, my name is Kory Menke and I'm currently a visiting student in Aerospace Engineering. I believe I would classify as a freshman in engineering but I haven't had my credits from my first Supply Management Bachelors Degree evaluated yet. I choose Aerospace Engineering because I am interested in working in the space exploration industry. I have always been fascinated with space exploration and I guess I never choose to major the first time around because I was worried that I wouldn't fit in the work environment. After lots of career planning and pursuing projects similar to design engineering tasks both at work and for fun I decided the pursue a second degree in Aerospace Engineering. After spring and summer classes I will have completed all of my freshman level Aerospace Engineering courses.

My favorite hobby is fitness in regards to workouts, physical therapy and playing sports. I have always enjoyed working out and in the past 10 years have started playing more intramural sports like soccer, volleyball and softball. I have also ran a number of races from many 10Ks to a handful of half-marathons and one full marathon. I really enjoy running on Dukes cross country trail during the spring and summer months as well as running sprints and working out on their track. I started to get interested in physical therapy when I suffered a couple injuries from snowboarding (a broken collar bone and torn medial meniscus in my knee) and even considered physical therapy as a career since I enjoy fitness and helping people get full mobility and overcome issues.

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Here is a list of how to make my favorite sandwich the blt

  1. Fry up at least 3 slices of bacon in a pan
  2. While frying the bacon cut up a tomato
  3. Next toast two pieces of bread
  4. Place 3 slices of bacon and cut tomatoes on 1 of the piece sof toast and top off the sandwich with the last piece of toast

Here is a table of my classes this semester and what my expected grade is

Course Expected Grade
Matlab B
Calc 1 A
GC 120 A

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