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Hello, my name is Kadin Peterman , and I am a freshman at NC State. I am planning on majoring in Paper Science and Chemical Engineering, so I am on the 5 year track. I decided to choose this major because it will keep me out of an office. Also, a previous alumni to the program described the jobs in the paper industry as being a "Sophisticated Grease Monkey" which sounded like a perfect job title.

My perfect job I believe will be being a Process Engineer, most likely for the paper industry. It will be an ideal job because it will keep me out of an office and instead walking around a factory floor. I will also be given a different challenge almost every day, as I've heard paper mills can be chaotic places. Although one day I hope to be able to take my engineering skills and apply them to applications in space, and work towards making humanity an intersolar civilization

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The Most Interesting Courses

  1. ISE 716: Automated Systems Engineering
  2. CH 221/222: Organic Chemistry I
  3. PSE 201: Pulping and Papermaking Technology
  4. PSE 425: Bioenergy & Biomaterials Engineering

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