Welcome to this page, I do hope you enjoy it.

My name is Kyle Joseph Sammarco. I am currently a Freshman in the first year engineering program. I would preferably major in mechanical engineering. This would be my major of choice because I have an interest in everything works, and I would like to be able to contribute to what makes processes and systems work in the first place. Specifically, I have always had an interest in roller coasters and I would love to be able to design and build them one day.

For my entire life, I believe my one true hobby has been music. I have played piano since I was five years old, and have since learned to play many other instruments. I sung in chorus throughout high school and am even in NC State's chorus in the present. Playing music is something I can always come back to no matter what situation or mood I happen to be in. Even listening to music is enough to make me happy. I have no preference of genre; I enjoy listening and playing along to everything.

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  1. First, find some great bread, preferably circular in shape.
  2. Then, spread garlic butter sauce on the bread to make a nice base layer for the pizza.
  3. Add sauce and cheese, with any additional extra toppings.
  4. Put in the oven until baked to perfection.
Class Name Expected Grade
E 101 A
MA 141 A
EC 201 A