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My name is Kelsie Sommerfeld and I am an Agriculture Education major at North Carolina State University.  I received my two-year degree from NC State in 2007 in Livestock and Poultry Management.  If someone cannot find me in class, that means that they can find me at Goodnights Comedy Club were I have worked as a waitress in the Old Bar for over a year and a half.  I spend my extra time enjoying music and movies and hanging out with my Fraternity sisters and friends.

The Link to check out the upcoming shows at Goodnights Comedy

Shorewood High School did this in one shot while moving and sing backwards

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Assignments for AEE 226:

  • Major Web Page Project - project.html (due ) 02/17/2010
  • Major Word Project - project.docx (due ) 03/03/2010
  • Major Excel Project - project.xlsx (due ) 04/07/2010
  • Major PowerPoint Project - project.pptx (due ) 04/28/2010
  • Exam 1 is 02/15/2010
  • Exam 2 is 04/05/2010
  • Exam 3 is 05/07/2010

My best friends and Me

Me and Casey