Hi, my name is Konor Frick and I am a sophmore in Nuclear Engineering. I chose Nuclear engineering because it pays the best out of all the engineerings i could stand. I hated chemical, civil, mechanical, and industrial so i stuck with the safe choice of going Nuclear. Many people believe that Nuclear energy is the devil but this is simply not the case. Not one person has ever died from readiation in a nuclear plant and yet hundreds have died from coal plants. The logic to hate Nuclear simply isn't there.

One of my fondest spring break memories dates back several years when me and my buddies all decided to go to Hawaii for a week. As we were out there we were surfing with the locals in waves that must of been 15 feet high. I remember distinctly it being around 5'oclock when we were just getting tired of surfing and heading back in when a shadow swam underneath us. Upon closer inspection we saw that it was a hammerhead shark that had been apparently swimming with us all afternoon. Needless to say we were freaked and darted for the shoreline. Luckily for us the shark didn't come after us that afternoon and instead simply let us swim above it as though we didn't exist.

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    Favorite sandwich steps
  1. cut open hoagie
  2. put in turkey, roast beef, and ham
  3. put on provolone cheese
  4. cover with tomatoes and onions
  5. put on vinegar, oil, and spices
  6. cover with mayo
  7. enjoy
class anticipated grade
E115 P
MA 401 A
ENG 331 A
ES 100 A
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