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About Me

I am Katherine Gleason. I'm a sophomore in Zoology. I'm planning on going to vet school after I get my undergraduate degree.

My favorite color is green. I think it's a great color - it's not too bright like yellow or too dark like some blues. My room at home is painted green, which is very relaxing to me.

I play clarinet in the marching band and pep bands. In my spare time (which doesn't come around often enough...) I like to crochet. I put some pictures of one of my projects on this page, a little farther down. Below, you can see a picture of me with my plant in my dorm room. I call it Cleveland. It's a little bit like having a pet, which is good for me because I always miss my dog, Tess, while I'm at school. She misses me, too, especially since she can't bother Nutmeg anymore.

Me and my plant
My dog Tess
Nutmeg. I miss her!
An Irish Wolfhound
My dog Tess. She's about 6 years old now.
Nutmeg. She passed away recently, and I really miss her!
An Irish Wolfhound - I want one when I get my own place!

Clive, a crocheted doll Clive in his hat

This is my buddy Clive. I crocheted him from some spare tan and green yarn that I had laying around. I also made him a little hat so that his head won't get cold, since he has no hair.

One of my favorite bands is Five for Fighting. I was very excited when I got the newest CD for Christmas.
The new Five for Fighting CD
It's called Two Lights and is the best one yet, in my opinion.

Cover of the seventh Harry Potter book

I'm also a big fan of Harry Potter. I can't wait for the last book to come out this summer! My friends and I are all speculating about what could happen in the book. Some believe Harry will die. I personally don't care much about whether Harry lives or dies, I just want Ron and Hermione to end up together. Their relationship is so cute!
    My Favorite Activities
  1. Reading
  2. Sleeping
  3. Crocheting
  4. Eating chocolate
  5. Shopping
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