Hi Everyone!

My name is Kenzie McCollum. I am currently a freshmen here at North Carolina State University. I am planning getting a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. I chose electrical engineering because I think it learning about electrical currents and computers is interesting. I also chose electrical engineering because I have always loved problem solving.

My favorite thing to do in my spare time is ride fourwheelers. I love riding fourwheelers because it allows me to get my mind off things and relax. I also enjoy it simply because it is something I can do with my friends and family. Riding fourwheelers is so interactive in comparison to watching television, that's what makes it so fun! I especially love riding fourwheelers in the snow.

My favorite website is American Eagle Outfitters. Click on the picture to the right to visit the site. American Eagle Outfitters Another website I like is Google
My favorite type of sandwich is a ham, cheese, and mayonnaise sandwich. Here is how you make one:
  1. get out bread, cheese, mayonnaise, and ham
  2. put mayonnaise on both pieces of bread
  3. put cheese on the bread
  4. put three pieces of ham on the bread
Class Name Expected Grade
CH 101 C
MA 242 B+
ENG 101 A+
E 115 S