Welcome to my E115 Website!

My name is Katherine Meinhold. I am a freshman in NC State's first year Engineering program. I want to graduate in four years or less with my bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering. I am also interested in Textile Engineering and Materials Science Engineering, and I plan on exploring all of these majors throughout my first semester.

For the past two school years and summers I have had a part time job working at the afterschool and summer program at Kaigan Karate School in Wilmington, North Carolina. This involved working with elementary school kids, teaching them karate, running activities, and helping with homework. I spent at least twenty hours a week at work and balancing that with school was a challenge that I truly enjoyed. Working with kids is challenging and rewarding. This job and the people who surrounded me there, helped me develop leadership and problem solving skills. The professional experience it provided me with is not entirely relevant but the skills it provided me with are valuable ones that I will never lose.

professional picture of Katherine

    Current Courses

  1. Pickleball
  2. Engineering 101
  3. Physics
  4. Calculus II
  5. Clubs

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