Welcome to E115!

My name is Kaila and I am a freshman here at NC State. I just matriculated into International Studies which I will be double majoring with Electrical Engineering. I chose International Studies because I love to learn about other cultures and I want to travel. I chose Electrical Engineering because I would like to work with robotics as my career, in such was as building robots to explore parts of the world that humans can't.

I have a lot of hobbies, but probably the most interesting would be Kite Land Boarding. Basically you have a board that looks like a skateboard with big tread tires and footstraps, which you strap into and then are pulled by a huge kite. My family will go to the beach and ride up and down the hard packed sand and sometimes you get some pretty good speed. You just have to be careful of bailing off the board, which can really hurt!

picture link to tumblr
Heres my resume!
  1. Drive, walk, kayak, levitate, etc. to nearest Chick-fil-a
  2. Get to the cashier
  3. Order an 8 piece nugget with fries, milkshake goes nicely with both
  4. Wait for food, playing on your phone is acceptable now
  5. Get food when order is called and go sit down
  6. Enjoy

Class Expected Grade
Calculus 1 B+
TE 110 A
English 101 B

picture of guy kite boarding