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My name is Kristen L. West and I am in my Junior year at NC State. My current major is psychology. I chose psychology to further study neuroscience. I want to minor in computer program to link the two as A.I. will become an integral part of everyday life. I am thinking of transitioning into the science technology and science degree as I think it will bridge the two disciplines nicely.

I currently work in a restaurant in downtown Durham on the weekends while I'm in school. I went to culinary school years ago in New York and worked there for a few years as well as in Massachusetts. After 15 years in the restaurant industry I decided to go back to school to change careers. Going back to school has been challenging in many ways: I am the oldest in many classes and I find little common ground with those around me. The hope of a better future is what keeps me going.

Most Interesting Classes:

  1. Calculus II
  2. Linear Algebra
  3. Biological Psychology
  4. Human Factors in Systems Design

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