Welcome to my about me page!

A Picture of Kadin

My name is Kadin White, I am a sophmore from North Carolina State University, and I am majoring in Civil Engineering. I chose Civil Engineering because I have always enjoyed math, and wanted to do something with it as a career. In High School, we had a project to build a popsicle stick bridge, and from that day on, I have wanted to work on bridges.

I am currently a produce clerk at Ingles Markets in Andrews, NC. I work during breaks for school, but mainly during the summer. My dream job is to design bridges for a company I either help start up, or I create. I also want to get my Professional Engineering license and pursue a Ph.D in Civil Engineering.

  1. Intro to computing: Python
  2. Civil Engineering Statics
  3. Introduction to Transportation
  4. Civil Engineering Solids

  5. Name of club Link to website
    ASCE ASCE Website
    SGA SGA Website