Welcome to my webpage!

...or something

Hi, my name is Kane Martin. I suppose I'm technically a junior, though this is my first semester at State since transferring
here from Wilkes Community College. I am pursuing a Bachelor in Science in Civil Engineering with a concentration in
transportation. I chose this major because I have a natural affinity for math and science, a practical mind, and an utter
fascination with civil structures and logistics in general.

My favorite hobby, by far, is writing and recording music. I record instrumental hard rock and heavy metal songs at home,
create music videos to accompany them, and post the videos on YouTube for the world to enjoy. I started recording as a solo
musician in 2012 with my Line 6 amp, a Jackson Randy Rhoads guitar, a Behringer mixing board, free drum machine and
recording software, and Windows Movie Maker. I have since moved from a standard 6-string guitar to a Jackson 7-string,
upgraded my software across the board, and acquired a MIDI keyboard for synthesizers. My dream, currently, would be
to hear my music in film and video games.

My resume
  1. Go to Dominos.com
  2. Get the "2+ 2-topping medium pizzas for $5.99 ea." coupon if available
  3. Put pepperoni and black olives on the first pizza
  4. Put whatever the wife wants on the second pizza
  5. Place the order and wait
Class Anticipated Grade
CSC 111 B
CE 214 C
CE 301 C
MA 242 B
E 115 S