Kylee Brown

Education Plan

I am a freshman at North Caronlina State University. Currently I am in the First Year Engineering program with a biomedical intent. However, I am going to switch my major from engineering to Biochemistry. I hope to complete my degree by Spring of 2020.

Career Plan

I orginially chose engineering because I have always been good at math and science. I knew it would be better if I started in engineering and switched out if I did not like it rather than trying to switch in later. I plan to switch to biochemistry because I cannot see myself being an engineer the rest of my life. I intend to go to some form of medical related graduate school after I complete my undergrad degree. I am thinking about either Pharmacy, PA, or Occupational Therapy.

Class Course Title Semester
PY205 Physics for Engineers I Spring 2017
CH201 Chemistry-A Quantitative Science Spring 2017
MA242 Calculus III Fall 2016