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My name is Kathryn Clayson and I am a Freshman in Engineering. My intended majors are Paper Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering. I also hope to get a minor in Sustainable Materials and Technology. I chose these majors because I am a big advocate for sustainability and I hope I can get enough knowledge to help the planet we are living on. These majors combined will allow me to pursue my dream of making the earth more green.

My ultimate dream job would be to work for a company that is centered around creating new products out of biomaterials. I would like to make these products more economical by widely producing them and giving the consumer a good alternative to plastics. In this dream job I would also love the opportunity to travel because exploring the world is another one of my passions.

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Classes I want to take

  1. PSE 201
  2. SMT 201
  3. PSE 425
  4. PSE 476
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