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I am Kytel Collins-Jackson. I am a freshman at NC State with a Mechanical Engineering Intent. I choose mechanical engineering because I like testing equipment along with designing it. I wanted to help people and through my research I found that mechanical engineering is the a solid form of engineering for this purpose. I hope to one day take on one of the Grand Challenges of Engineering, creating a solution.

My favorite hobby is to play sports or video games. I like the group interactions in sports because it is a lot of fun with friendly competetion. Videos games are just a nice way to relax and unwind from a long day by myself or with a few friends. Also, video games are a great way to make friends in other places.

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    How to Make Pizza: By Kytel Collins-Jackson
  1. Get phone
  2. Dial "Papa Johns"
  3. Order desired pizza
  4. Wait for delivery guy
  5. Pay delivery guy upon arrival
  6. Take pizzas
  7. Eat pizzas

E115 MA241 CH101
S B+ B