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About Me:

    My name is Kiran Mckenzie Cryer and I am a student at NC State University!  Currently I am a freshman studying Agricultural Business Management.  Hopefully sometime soon I will be transferring into Business Finance with a minor in Political Science.  I was unsure at first what I wanted to do but after arriving I have a much better idea.  Some of my interests include my sorority, Chi Omega, spending time with my family and friends and volunteering in the community!  I love to play sports and am hoping to not only play inter-murals with my sisters but also take Pilates as my Health course next semester.  Aside from having fun my other biggest hobby is eating! My whole room is filled with snacks because I seriously never stop eating, its great!
    Currently I am enrolled in a course called CSC 200.  So far I have enjoyed learning how to program and all of the labs we have done.  I like these because they teach critical thinking and problem solving skills but they also take away the "scary" or "unknown" aspect of computers.  Even just the short time I've been in this course I feel so much less intimidated by technology and am learning a lot of great things in class.  I am looking forward to the unit on excel because in my science class we use it constantly and I am very confused by it.  One thing I do not like about CSC 200 is that we have a book were supposed to read and I never know when I'm supposed to read and what chapters I should read until.  I wish my teacher would update us more on that matter in class.
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This is a picture of me and my friend at a date function!
Picture of me and my friend Channie dressed up at a
          date function

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