Welcome to my other About Me page

About Keith Mellendorf number 2

Welcome to my About Me page

Salutations! My name is Keith Mellendorf. I am a freshmen at NC state University. I am intending on majoring in electrical engineering here at NCSU. I was on a FIRST Robotics Competition team while I was in high school, and I know that I want to keep doing robotics.

My dream job would be me helping to design the control system of a rocket destined to mine an asteroid. Either connected to that or not, I want to Drive a robot for a living, while designing how its controled. It would definitly be amazing if I could drive a robot that mined asteroids

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Five most interesting classes I have taken or want to take:

  1. Calc 2
  2. Calc 3
  3. Litteraly any more math
  4. ECE 109-500
  5. An entrepenurship class

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Ultimate Frisbee Pack Ultimate
Engineers Without Borders EWB