Welcome to Katie's Webpage

My name is Katie Elliott. My major is Environmental Engineering. I am a junior. I want to make moves toward sustaining natural resources and preserving our environment.

I enjoy painting, drinking coffee, and hiking. Painting is a fun way to express yourself, to get away and create something beautiful. I enjoy going to get coffee with friends, talking and bonding. I enjoy hiking because you can appreciate nature and it is fun to do with friends and it is good exercise.

Dogs are better than cats because they are cuter and more loyal. There are exceptions to both. Some cats are nicer than dogs but most dogs are better than cats. Dogs are better though.

Click the image below to open the Netflix homepage in a new tab because Netflix is awesome...
slow loris netflix link

This paragraph contains one of my favorite papers. link.

    Chicken Pesto Sandwich:
  1. bread
  2. pesto
  3. chicken
  4. parmasen and feta
  5. lettuce and tomatoe
Class: Grade:
E115 S
PY208 B-
PY209 A+