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Hello! My name is Kiran Freeman and I am a current undergraduate student at North Carolina State University. I am currently intent on studying aerospace engineering, but have not CODA'd yet. I am set on aerospace engineering because the power of flight has always captured my fascination. The fact that something man-made can defy the laws of conventional physics is just so cool to me.

My favourite job that I previously held was at an ice cream parlor in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For the summer before college, I wanted a relatively relaxing and fun job. It turned out to be exactly that, and I had a blast doing it! Plus, it's always great to get free food.

A picture of Kiran

My Favourite Classes:

  1. Engineering
  2. Chemistry
  3. Early US History
  4. Microeconomics

Club Website
Aerial Robotics Link
Racquetball Link