Welcome to my E 115 Homework 6

Hello my name is Kevin Frink and I am a junior in the Material Science and Engineering (MSE) department. There are many reasons for me choosing to go into the MSE major. The first reason is I have always enjoyed chemistry and physics more than any of my other classes and MSE is the subjects combined and applied. I have always been interested in working in an Electrical Engineering type field and when I learned that MSE students from NC State have graduated and started companies like Cree only furthered my interests. On top of the other reasons, in High School I worked on a MSE project for making carbon nanostructures that I now have a US patent on.

My interest in becoming a Material Science Engineer has only increased my interest and abilities in my favorite hobby, which is similar in nature. My favorite hobby at the moment is also my job as a mentor for students at a camp named Science and Math Interactive Learning Experience (SMILE) Camp. I teach kids from 5th to 10th grade interesting concepts in various areas of science by involving them in various science experiments. These experiments cover many science and engineering disciplines: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, etc.

Smile Camp is down. Click this link to see my patent on carbon nanostructures.

Couldn't find the silver!
E 115 S
HI 351 A
MA 305 A
MSE 255 B
MSE 270 B