Welcome to the Big Leagues

My name is Kelsey Glanz and I am a freshman at NC State. I am in the first year engineering program with a chemical intent. Ever since I was a kid
I was always interested in how things worked. Instead of playing with barbies I built things with legos and everyone told me "you're meant to be an
engineer." Ever sisnce then it has been my goal to come to NC State to study engineering. I chose chemical simply because I'm damn good at it.
Chemistry comes naturally and always has.

My favorite hobby is watching Netflix. My favorite shows include Bones, Dr Who, Breaking Bad, Mad Men...the list could go on forever. I started
Netflixing when I was about 15 and I've been hooked ever since. Netflix was probably one of the best inventions ever and I am forever grateful to
whoever came up with the idea because it has actually improved my life by making entertainment overly easy and destroying my social life. But
its all okay because who needs a social life when you have all 8 seasons of House?

Best Site Eva

Metal Heads 4 Lyfe

Best Sammich

  1. Buy fresh bread and 3 types of meat and 1 cheese from deli
  2. Get home
  3. Cut bread in half then layer the meats on the bottom
  4. Layer cheese on meat then put in over to heat
  5. Cut up lettuce and peppers or onions
  6. Pull out sammich and put top half into oven to heat
  7. While top half is heating, layer on lettuce and other toppings
  8. Take top half out and smother on the Mayo
  9. Get napkins
  10. ENJOY!

Class Grade
Chem 101 B
MA 241 C
PHI 340 A
E115 S

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