Hey there! Welcome to Kristen's Webpage!

My name is Kristen Harman, and I am a freshmen here at NC State. I plan to major in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Business Administration. I chose this major because of the versatility, I will be able to do apply my knowledge to several areas. Another reason I chose Chemical Engineering was because of the types of classes I would be taking. Throughout high school I was very strong in math and science so I figured this would be a perfect fit! My dad was also a Chemical Engineer from NC State, so that also helped my decision.

My favorite animal is a giraffe! I think that giraffes are cute, especially baby ones. There is a place near my home that is called the Lazy 5 ranch where I can go see one. At the ranch I actually got to feed one!! I also think giraffes are cool because they have blue tongues! :P

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How to make Pizza:

  1. Make dough!
  2. Put sauce on dough!
  3. Put on some toppings!! (peperoni, cheese, etc.)
  4. Cook
  5. Cut and serve!
    Classes Grade
    Physics B
    Calculus II A
    Chemistry II B
    University Studies II A