You're here for a reason

Hey! My name is Kevin Harris. I am a freshman with Aerospace Engineering Intent.
I chose this major because I really like designing things. With Aerospace I will
be able to design airplanes and helicopters. If I cannot get into Aerospace I think
Mechanical Engineering would be very fun also.

One of my hobbies is video games. I can remember coming home from school in kindergarten
and going to my friends house to play on his PlayStation 2. Ever since then I have always
enjoyed plaiying video games. Whether it's on my computer or on my Xbox One I have alot of
fun playing. It's also a great way to meet new people.

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How to order a dank pizza

  1. Call Taste of Buffalo
  2. Place an order for one Cheese pizza
  3. Drive there and pick it up
  4. Drive home and consume
Class Expected Grade
CH 101 C
MA 111 B
E115 S
videogame controller