Spring Break is Over :(

Hi, my name is Kathryn Hayes! I am a freshman from Clemmons, NC and am a Textile Engineer major! I chose this major because I wanted to do something in the College of Engineering, but was not sure what. I took an intro to Textiles class and through that class, found that Textile Engineering sounded interesting! It might be a challenging major, but I hope it is something I will enjoy studying and pursuing in the coming years!

Choosing my favorite animal is definitely a hard task; there are so many cute animals. Kittens are so cute, but when they grow up they lose that cuteness and become kind of boring. However, puppies are cute to begin with and then grow into a wonderful companion! I have a yellow lab that follows me around everywhere I go. She has a great personality and makes friends with everyone she meets. I think everyone should have a dog at some point in their life!

Reddit is fun!
  1. Look up the number for the pizza place
  2. In your head, decide what type of crust you want and what ingredients you want on pizza
  3. Call the number you looked up and order the pizza
  4. Go pick up the pizza when it is ready

Class Grade
MA241 B
T101 A+