Welcome Everyone
Hello my name is Khalid Issa, I am a sophomore at NC State University.
I am majoring in electrical engineering and computer engineering. I chose this major because I am interested
in the functioning of computers and electrical equipment. However I am not sure if I want to double major
but I am thinking about it for the future.

My fovirite activity to do is to play soccer. I love playing soccer because it was the sport I grew up playing.
Every time I am free I always try to go to the miller fields and see if people are playing a pick up soccer game
so I can join them and play soccer. I also love to play competitively in a soccer tournament like the in the intramurals
at NC State.
number 3
  1. Get a dough ball
  2. use a roller to make the dough into a desirable size
  3. spread tomatoe sauce on the dough
  4. choose favorite topping to put on the pizza
  5. top it off with the desirable amount of cheese

class expected grade
Com110 B
ECE 109 A
ES 200 A