Kaitlin M. Katz

Kaitlin M. Katz

I am Kaitlin Katz, in the freshman class of 2019. I am currently in the first year engineering program, with the intent of going into biomedical engineering. I want to help advance the medical feild, not follow it's current applications like a doctor would. I am also considering chemical engineering and materal sciences, with medical applications for each. Engineering seems like fun.

My favorite hobby is to play soccer. Having played for so long, I find it a great way to make any place feel familiar. It is also an internationally played sport, and can connect you with many cultures and peoples. Throughout the years,I have played and coached soccer, as well as refereed. I like watching kids fall over each other!

I love dogs so much! I have a dog at home named Cooper. He used to sleep in my bed every night, and would't leave my side when sick. They say dog is a mans best friend, but they are pretty important to women as well. I have seriously debatedmoving off-campus just so I could own a dog.

To have fun and visit awesome webites (based on your interests) try:
To view my resume, click here.

How to make my favorite pizza:

  1. Put great crust on a circular pan.
  2. Throw on some pesto, mozzerella and feta.
  3. Add broccoli, chicken, and olives. Bake.
  4. Take out of the over andadd some thinly sliced tomatoes.
Class Predicted Grade
E115 S
EC201 A
ENG101 B+
Kids playing soccer!