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Hi! My name is Karl Kowalewski. I am a freshman pursuing an interest in Chemical Engineering or Biomedical Engineering. Chemical Engineering is something I am interested in because I have enjoyed every chemistry class I have been in. I also like the idea of pairing it with engineering to possibly find more practical ways to apply chemistry. Biomedical Engineering is also a possibility to me because it has a similar structure to Chemical Engineering but has the potential to help me if I decide to do medical school after I graduate. Either way I want to be able to help people in my future career, and both of these majors have the potential to do that. My mom was also a Chemical Engineer so it is something I have been exposed to for a long time.

I have always loved playing musical instruments because I find it to be very relaxing and a great way to express creativity. In middle school, I joined the band and played the alto saxophone and continued to play until my freshman year in high school. I had a natural talent for and decided to keep exploring other instruments. I began playing guitar at a young age but eventually gave up on it. About a year ago I got back into it and started playing electric guitar instead of the acoustic I had before. I began practising a lot and hardly a day goes by that I don't pick it up at least for thirty minutes. I plan to keep pursuing this and maybe join a band some day. youtube

My Resume

How to Make A PB & J Sandwich

  1. Gather a knife, jelly, peanut butter, and two slices of bread.
  2. Take one slice of bread and spread as much peanut butter as desired.
  3. Take the other slice and apply the desired amount of jelly.
  4. Take the two slices and put them together.
  5. Now you can enjoy the sandwich!
Class Expected Grade
Physics B+
Calculus 3 A
Ultimate Frisbee A
Chemistry A
Economics A