E-115 Homework 8

"Whatever you want to change / You better start changing your mind"

Hi. My name is Kyle Langdon. I'm a freshman at NCSU, going for Mechanical Engineering. I chose this feild because I enjoy designing and troubleshooting physical systems, and have always been very analytical. I'm also an active musician, fluent (to vaying degrees) in acoustic and electric guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and vocals. My brand new band, The Unnecessaries, is just beginning to get off the ground. Feel free to email me.

I've seen a few Halloween costumes this year that were pretty cool. But none of them really blew me away, so it's hard to put a finger on which one was the best. However, some of my favorites were "Old Gregg" (a British comedy character turned internet meme), a cardboard robot costume a friend of mine made, and the "tuxedo + Stormtrooper helmet" combo the drummer for my band wore to a gig Halloween night.

My Top 5 Favorite College Football Teams

  1. Duke
  2. NC State
  3. Campbell
  4. Wake Forest
  5. Clemson

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