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Sampson and I at Noah's Landing
I am a freshman in the zoology department at NC State University My main interest is in wildlife conservation with a concentration in endangered species. My favorite thing to do outside of school is horseback riding. I have been riding since I was five years old. I also enjoy reading novels and manga. The picture is of Sampson and I while I was volunteering at "Noah's Landing" a non-profit nature center. If you would like to chat please feel free to send me an e-mail

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Noah's LandingAn African Serval

Noah's Landing is a non-profit nature center in Coats, North Carolina. I have been volunteering there once a month for the past couple of months and I hope to continue working there while here at NCSU. Noah's Landing provides a unique chance to get up close and personal with wildlife. While working there I have had the chance to interact with porcupines, african servals, a kinkajou, and even timber wolves. I would suggest this experience to anyone who wishes to have a career working with animals.

    The following is a list of some of the animals that you can find at Noah's Landing:
  1. Zebra
  2. Bengal Cats
  3. African Servals
  4. Timber Wolves
  5. Emu
  6. Ball Pythons
  7. Ring Tailed Lemurs
  8. Wild Spanish Horse
  9. Two-toed sloth
  10. African Crested Porcupines
Grant's Zebra A miniature zebu cow.

Favorite Animes

Main Characters
YuYu Hakusho's story centers around the life of Urameshi Yusuke who dies when he pushes a child out of the way of a moving car. Because of his heroic deed he is given the chance to live again under one condition: that he becomes the new spirit detective which protects the world from demons. Along the way he teams up with his best friend Kuwabara and two other demons Kurama and Hiei. The series revolves around the teams many adventures to keep the earth safe. I would suggest this anime to anybody who loves a good action/comedy.
Main Characters
Kyo Kara Maoh is based on the life of Yuuri Shibuya who gets flushed down a toilet and sent to an alternate dimension where it turns out that he is the next demon king or Maou. Anyone who likes a good laugh will enjoy this show. From meeting new friends to learning the strange customs like picking up a dropped knife to accept a duel poor Yuuri takes viewers on a roller coaster ride of laughs.
Soubi and Ritsuka
Loveless centers around the life of you Ritsuka who loses his memory after the traumatic death of his older brother. After meeting his older brother's friend Soubi, Ritsuka is thrown into a fantasy world of fighting where pairs of duelers battle against each other using "word spells". As Ritsuka spends time with Soubi, he struggles to find himself as well as uncover the mystery of his brother's death. The most striking aspect of this anime is the fantastic art as well as the imagery and symbolism present throughout the series.


One of my favorite past times is reading. I love to read mostly fantasy/scifi novels as well as various mangas but I'll try almost anything. Below is a list of some of my favorite works.
FAKE Volume: 1 Skies of Pern by Anne McCaffrey

One of my most favorite things to do is horseback ride. I have been riding since I was five years old and I am most comfortable with a western saddle. To learn more about horses in general click here. To see some pictures learn about my favorite breeds click on the picture below.