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Hello! My name is Kaitlyn Roberts and I am a current freshman in the College of Engineering at NC State. I am intending on majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE). I chose to major in ISE because ISE is the business side to engineering and ISE majors build relationships with people in managment and operations within a company. I also chose ISE because my Dad was an ISE major and I learned about it from him and amazing faculty members at NCSU. ISE is a perfect fit for me.

The last job I had was a summer internship for Twiddy Realty. Twiddy Realty is a company in Duck and Corolla, North Carolina, which is located in the Outer Banks. I assisted with customer service by putting together everything a guest recieves during pickup. I am planning on working for Twiddy again next summer.

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  1. E101
  2. CH101
  3. USP110
  4. HI208
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