Welome to the webpage I created for a homework assignment!

My name is Katherine Santoro, and I am freshmen at North Carolina State University. My major will be a double major in Paper Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering. I chose to major in Paper Science and Engineering because I think learning how to make paper products out of the pulp from trees is very intersting. I also like the fact that I can use chemistry to understand why different wood fibers are used in different products. I like this major because it combines my love of chemistry, nature, and creating innovative solutions that make people's lives better (engineering).

My favorite hobby is shopping. I love going to the mall and buying new clothes, shoes, and accessories. I usually go with friends or my sister, and it's a lot of fun! I am also really good at finding great deals; I can make a little amount of money go really far! Shopping is also very relaxing for me, which is why I consider it as favorite hobby.

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  1. make the dough by mixing flour, eggs, water, sugar, and yeast together
  2. cover the dough, and let is rise for at least 5 hours
  3. knead dough, and spread to fit the size of the pizza pan, making sure to properly form the crust
  4. spread the pizza sauce all over the dough
  5. sprinkle '4 Italian Cheese' all over the pizza, then sprinkle mozzarella all over pizza. Make sure everything is distributed evenly
  6. put in the oven at 350 degrees for 12 minutes. Let pizza cool for 4 minutes. Bon Appetite!
Class Expected Grade
Calculus 242 B
Chemistry 101 A-
Chemistry 102 A+
Engineering 101 A

Shopping Mall