Welcome to my Webpage!

On this page, I will tell you a little bit about myself, my intended major, and future career goals.
I will also rank my current classes and include information on interesting clubs at NC State.

Hello, my name is Karl Angelo Soliman. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University intending on majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical engineering caught my interest because I have always enjoyed working with my hands, designing, and solvinng problems. Additionally, mechanical engineering is a broad field with many different applications to choose from which is something that I found appealing.

My dream job would probably be to work somewhere in the automotive industry. Automotive engineering is a lucrative career path to follow. In addition, because there is always a need to find ways to find to improve vehicles, from safety to efficiency, it will always be interesting.

H.S. Graduation Photo
  1. [E115] Introduction to Computing Environments
  2. [MA141] Calculus I
  3. [ENG101] Academic Writing & Research
  4. [CH101] Chemistry - A Molecular Science
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