Homework 5a

My name is Kristen Twidt. I am a freshman. I am currently pursuing a degree in engineering, chemical intent. However, I am not so sure that that is the right type for me. By the end of this year I might switch to civil engineering or textile engineering.

One of my favorite breaks from school was my fall break during my Senior year of high school. That year my mom took me and my best friend to the mountains in North Carolina. The first day we climbed to the top of Chimney Rock. It turned out to be more stair-climbing than hiking. The next day we went to Biltmore, which is always beautiful.

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How to Order Pizza

  1. Find number of pizza place.
  2. Call the number.
  3. Ask for what you want.
  4. Wait patiently.

Course Expected Grade
MA 141 A
CH 102 A+
EC 205 A
ANT 253 A-