Salutations! Welcome all

Hi guys! My name is Kayla Mumford and I am a freshman with a Biomedical Engineering intent. I chose this major because Biomedical Engineers are top scorers on the MCAT and I have had a lifelong dream to be a doctor. Now that I am here and have been able to learn a little more about what I will actually be doing in my major, I have figured out that this is a perfect fit for my undergraduate years as I will be able to start devel- oping the skill of problem solving using my scientific knowledge and applying it to the medical field, which I love dearly.

Here is a table of my first year courses and expected grades:
Class Expected Grade
Calc 3 A
Chemistry 101 A
Chemistry 102 A+
E101 A-
E115 P
E144 A+
Economics A

To learn more about me as a student and on a career development level, check out this link .

I'm not fully scholarly though; I actually have a life and friends and hobbies. My ultimate favorite hobby is shopping. Something about looking at clothes, trying them on, checking out prices, and trying to make logical decisions based on these actions is very calming and fun to me. Even if I don't have money, I still like to window shop and try things on just because I like clothes. Those that know me know that I shop in one way or another just about everyday, whether it be in the bookstore or online. I simply love it.
ASOS is everything Shopping is life

I also love, love to eat. In lieu of this, I'm going to tell you how to order my fave pizza

  1. Using Siri, drive toward Greensboro, North Carolina, the founding father of Cook-Out, and find Bill's Pizza Pub.
  2. Once you get there, have a seat, talk to some people, and order drinks.
  3. When the waiter/waitress comes back to take your food order, ask him/her for a large pepperoni and sausage. (Or your pizza of choice)
  4. Enjoy the pizza.
  5. Save me about 5 squares (indeed it is square pizza) and use Siri to navigate you back to campus safely.